By Theophilus Benjamin - March 25, 2024
Let's face it, breakups suck. They leave you feeling like a deflated pool floatie, tossed aside on a deserted emotional beach. But hey, here's the silver lining most people miss: breakups are also a fantastic opportunity to kick some bad habits to the curb!  Think of it as a cosmic do-over button. Your ex is gone, and with them goes the excuse to, well, everything. Now, before you think I'm some heartless robot suggesting you Marie Kondo your feelings (though, purging your ex's toothbrush is definitely a good start!), hear me out.  Breakups often leave a void we try to fill ...
By Agu ava Walk - March 17, 2024
Let's face it, folks, breakups stink.  They leave you feeling like a deflated whoopie cushion – all the air knocked out of you with a pathetic little toot.  You wander around like a lovesick zombie, muttering to your goldfish about the good old days (because hey, someone's gotta listen). But fear not, lovelorn comrades! There's a secret weapon in the fight for emotional wholeness, and it's not a pint of Ben & Jerry's (although that can be a temporary comfort food hug).  It's glorious, messy, beautiful... ART! Now, before you envision me in a beret and smock, spouting pretentious pronouncements about the ...
By Theophilus Benjamin - March 17, 2024
Let's face it, breakups stink.  They leave you feeling like a lovesick puppy who just chewed through your favorite shoes (and then got yelled at for it). But before you resign yourself to a life of takeout for one and rom-com marathons (tempting, I know), take a deep breath, beautiful human, because heartbreak doesn't have to be the end of the world.  In fact, it can be the messy, mascara-stained beginning of something pretty awesome: you. Here's the thing: breakups, like that stubborn pimple on your nose, follow a predictable path.  Understanding these stages can help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster ...
By Theophilus Benjamin
Let's be honest, breakups stink.  They're the emotional equivalent of accidentally stepping in a pile of metaphorical dog doo. You feel blindsided, confused, and like the world's worst ice cream flavor: slightly-salty vanilla with a hint of betrayal.  While drowning your sorrows in a vat of Ben & Jerry's might seem tempting (and let's be real, delicious), there's a more adventurous path to healing: solo hiking Now, hear me out.  Solo hiking might sound like solitary confinement with blisters, but trust me, it's a breakup bootcamp for the soul.  Here's why: Nature is Your Therapist (Who Doesn't Judge Your Trail Mix) Remember that ...

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